Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to a new year!

I trust that you all had a wonderful 2013, happy holiday season and now ready to start a new year!
So much has happened since I last blogged which was in March when our son Danny got married.  The Lord has been so good to me and I am very grateful for the many blessings He has blessed me with as well as the learning experiences He has put in my path. 
In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing a summery of my 2013 highlights.  In the meantime stay warm in this winter season. 
Yes, it is actually cold in Texas!  Well..... cold for us! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Congratulations Danny & Sarah!

On March 1st our son Danny married the love of his life, Sarah Seay.  It was such a beautiful and sweet wedding! 
As my husband escorted me down the aisle to my seat I couldn't help but relive the memories I have of Danny of the day he was born up to this day that I will witness him marry his best friend.  My tears filled my eyes so much that all in front of me was such a blurr.
We are so proud of our son and so happy that he has chosen to serve the Lord together with our beautiful daughter n law.  All the sacrifice that my husband and I have done was and is all worth it! 
I wanted to share these few pictures with you of our happy day!


Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping up the year 2012!

Once again things got soooo busy that I couldn't keep up with my blog, which I love doing and missed not posting anything for the past month and a half. 
For the year 2013 I am making a few major changes in my schedule so that I can be able to blog more.  I would like to include more things that I enjoy doing like crafts, projects, recipes, things I enjoy doing during the holiday season, ideas in general and from time to time share a devotion.
In the meantime, I am going to give you a quick view of what I have been up to in the past month and a half to complete the year.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with your families!  May the year 2013 be filled with health and many blessings!  May I encourage you to do more for the Lord and make a difference in someone's life!

Celebrated my husband's birthday!  :)
Now that all of our children have left I am able to travel more often with my husband.  We went to Mexico City, MX.  My husband preached a 2 day conference for one of our missionaries, David Combe.  What a blessing it was to see the way the Lord has blessed that work! 

Every Wednesday night the children give money for missions. 

My husband preaching.

Signing Bibles after church.

Our missionaries,
Mary, Holly & David Combe
From time to time Jared & Elyssa will let us have Gabriella for the day. :) And that's just what we did in November. We had a wonderful time! Probably more than Gabriella!  LOL!
Picking up Gabriella
(She's acting shy...but not for long!)

Hummmm!  Who's having more fun?

We went to Build a Bear!

Kuddles & Gabriella

Having fun at Wal-Mart!

Went to see puppies & Kitties!

Guess who???  :)


There was and still is a lot to be thankful for!  Our salvation, our health, our families, our church and so much more.  We had a great week of services!  On Sunday night we had 3 missionaries that were in our church.  Jose Alvarado, Luis Colorado & Obed Fombona.  Our jr. church children have been saving money to give to an orphanage in Mexico and so Sunday night they came forward and gave what they had been saving.  Our mid-week service was a special Thanksgiving service and our missionary Obed Fombona preached and Jared & Elyssa brought special music.   

Having fun after church!  :)
After church at Parkside Baptist Church.
Gabriella with grandpa & grandma Zapata
This year we went to Jared & Elyssa's house for Thanksgiving!  She did a great job making the turkey, side dishes & pumpkin pie!  So proud of my girl!  :)
It was a special time together as Elyssa & her family, Jared's parents and my husband and I spent this day together because next year they will be in the Philippines. 
My husband and I thank the Lord for all His blessings in our lives!


For the past 5 years my husband has preached the Anniversary Conference for Pastor A. Palacios, who pastors the Spanish Church at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church.  He also has the privilege of preaching in the college chapel.  My husband takes me along with him and we take advantage of the time to see our boys and college students who study there.
The conference went great and so did the time spent with our kids!
 In the plane ready to go!
 Teen singing group
 Pastor Palacios
 My husband
 Out with the boys at Orange Leaf.  The best frozen yogurt!
 My husband preaching at Commonwealth Baptist College.

Our college kids!  :) 
We had the family over for some relaxation time and dinner the beginning of December.  Things tend to get so busy with extra holiday activities that we wanted to have some family time other than Christmas day. 
Gabriella kept us entertained the whole evening!  She knows the motions to several songs and just keeping us laughing!
I didn't get many pictures because I was distracted by a little person!  :)
 Playing with grandpa Ortiz

 Chatting with the family!
Our dinner entertainment!  :)
On December 8th, Jorge & Martha Ramirez renewed their vows.  It was a beautiful and sweet wedding.  Their daughter was the flower girl and their 2 sons walked their mom down the isle.  Since they have been in church they have grown so much in the Lord! 

Catered Dickey's B-B-Q

In December we spent 5 days in Puerto Vallarta, MX with our missionary, Obed Fombona.  My husband preached a Family Conference.  We had nightly services from Wednesday through Friday with classes on Friday & Saturday morning which we both taught. 
Once again, all was a blessing!  I enjoy meeting the wifes of the missionaries we support, seeing the work and meeting their people. 
In between services we were able to do some sight-seeing and spend some time with the Fombona Family and the Castillo Family, which we support also.

The Fombona Family

The Carrillo Family

We had a College & Career Christmas party at our house.  Most of our college students were in town for the holidays and so we took advantage of this time.  We had games, pizza, desserts and a small devotion given by our son-n-law Jared. 
To make a long story short, our sons David & Andres were not able to come home for Christmas due to work schedules.  Well, at the last minute they were able to get off!  But the problem was that buying plane tickets 2 weeks before Christmas would cost an arm and a leg!  But my husband being persistent  (and me reminding him) in checking every day to see if by some chance they would go down, they did! So together with his miles we got the tickets very cheap and for the exact days we needed!  God is so good!  He answered our prayers! 
Elyssa was disappointed that the boys would not be able to be here knowing that this is her last Christmas before leaving for the Philippines.  So, when we found out they were coming we chose to surprise her.  And surprised she was! 
Needless to say, the evening was a fun and wonderful night to remember!

We had a great day of services the 23rd of December!  The church was full and there was such a great spirit!  Maybe because we had a tamale dinner after the service!  Lol! 
One of the things I love about Christmas time is being in church with it full in attendance and everyone is enjoying and celebrating the same thing, Christ's birth!
Sneeking in a picture before Sunday School. 
I love my boys!  :)

Packed up and ready to go to Gabriella's house!  :)

Having a tea party with uncle David.

Game night

Christmas Eve

Opening Gabriella's gifts.....

......and enjoying them!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
On behalf of myself and all the ladies that are in the missionary circles, we want to wish all our missionaries a wonderful 2013! 
My ladies worked very hard this year to provide extra money at Christmas and to meet special financial needs of our missionaries.  Thank you for all your hard work!  May God bless you all!